Mill Geek Legacy Open starts August 2nd!

The Mill Geek Legacy Open (MGLO) is a weekly Magic: The Gathering tournament series at Mill Geek Comics in Mill Creek, WA. The Mill Geek Legacy Open features weekly tournament payouts, up-to-date results and winning decklists on the MGLO webpage, as well as a championship tournament at the end of each three-month season.

Season 1 begins on August 2nd, 2014 and will continue each Saturday thereafter starting at 1:00pm. Be sure to register by 12:30pm so that we have time to verify decklists and get the tournament bracket made on time.

Players participating in these weekly tournaments can win prizes as well as earn Mill Geek Open Points. Mill Geek Open Points are used at the end of each season to improve yourchampionship seeding, reduce the cost of the championship, as well as earn byes and other prizes.

To help people those just getting started with Legacy, this season players are allowed up to 12 proxy cards to use in their decks while they continue to work to put their decks together. Players who choose to use proxies must have them approved before the tournament starts. A slip of paper with the card’s information in front of a sleeved card is generally sufficient, but there must be no way of distinguishing them that could be used to gain extra information.

We have also put together several competitive decklists that can be used at our tournaments that can be built on a lower budget ($30 – $100ish). Feel free to use these in full, or as a basis for creating your own decks. Come pick up your list at the shop!

MGLOWe look forward to an exciting and fun season. Hope to see you there!

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who came to our prerelease this weekend, it was AWESOME! I hope everyone had fun. From midnight all the way until the Raffle on Sunday it was a great success!

Just a reminder, We will be having our Postrelease Prerelease this Saturday at 1PM. Deckbuilding is from 1-2 and we will play a 3 or 4 round tournament from 2-6 (depending on how many players we get) The Theme will be “Attack of the Clones” – More Details to come!

And Last but Not Least— RAFFLE WINNERS! If you see your name, stop by the shop and pick up your swag!

  1. FTV: Annihilation — Nikki Buck
  2. M15 Fatpack – Matt Roggenkamp
  3. Modern Event Deck — Erich Wolf
  4. Theros Comic Pack (2, 3, 4) –Matthew R
  5. Theros Comic Pack (3, 4) — Leighanne
  6. Theros Comic (3) — Robb R
  7. Journey Prerelease SET of — 5 — Kraig Carlson
  8. Journey Prerelease kit White — Nikki Buck
  9. Journey Prerelease Kit Black – Robbie Noble
  10. Journey Prerelease Kit Green – Nikki Buck
  11. Justice Playmat – Erich Wolf
  12. Justice Playmat – Dan Reis
  13. RK post AvaTar Playmat – Erich Wolf
  14. Water Bearer Playmat — Gus D
  15. M15 Blue Kit – Nikki Buck
  16. M15 White Kit — Kramer
  17. M15 Blue Kit – Ed Priest
  18. M15 White Kit – Ben Vaughn
  19. White Commander Deck — Mike Nobles
  20. R2Ravnica Shirt (XL) – Kraig Carlson
  21. Large Jace Beleren Shirt — Kramer
  22. Black Ultrapro deluxe binder – Steve Clark
  23. Autographed Magic Pro Playmat – Erich Wolf
  24. Reaper Playmat – Robb Reis
  25. Sigarda Playmat – Bruce Carr
  26. R2Ravnica Backpack – David Bradbury
  27. Mill Geek Plamat – Matthew Roggenkamp
  28. Mill Geek Playmat – Josh Kyle
  29. Mill Geek Playmat – Matthew Roggenkamp
  30. Blue Dice Bag – Sean Epperson
  31. Purple Dice Bag – Nikki Buck
  32. Purple Dice Bag – Robbie Noble
  33. Blue Ion Deck Box – Nikki Buck
  34. Blue Ion Deck box – Josh Kyle
  35. Small Dice Can – Kramer
  36. Chandra Deck Box — Sean Epperson
  37. Jace Deck box – Grant Olsen
  38. Ajani Box + Sleeves – Robbie Noble
  39. Liliana Box + Sleeves – Scott Boehmer
  40. Garruk Box – Josh Glastra
  41. Xenagos Sleeves – Ethan Lee
  42. Conspiracy Deckbox/Sleeve combo — Grant Olsen


Prerelease pointers! or… These friends want you to have a great prerelease!

Hey Everyone, these are the last minute things that will make everyone have a good prerelease!

1. Carpooling is your friend.

We have limited parking spaces here and while we have never had a problem with the adjacent lots towing, we would rather be safe than sorry. We need to leave spots for Tricia’s Barbershop and our spots fill up quickly. If you can come with a friend it will make it easier for everyone!

2. Backpacks are not your friend.

We have limited space in the shop and when we get 35-40 people who all bring their backpack it suddenly gets VERY full. Your entry fee will cover all the cards you need. We provide the land. If you want to bring sleeves and a playmat (or buy them here) that’s fine. Other than that leave EVERYTHING ELSE AT HOME OR IN YOUR CAR. This holds especially true for the midnight and 11AM Saturday events. We will be very full and need every amount of space we have.

3. Showering and SOAP and clean clothes are your friend.

It’s summer time. It’s HOT. You sweat. You smell. Everyone wants you to smell nice so they don’t mind playing next to you for hours at a time. Please be nice to everyone by showering with soap and putting on clean clothes. We all appreciate it!

4. Empty stomach makes you Grouchy pants and he is not your friend.

These events are 4-6 hours long. Please bring some extra money or a snack to make sure you eat (No, Airheads is not a meal). We will be selling the Snack pack where for $5 you can get $7 in store credit. We have easy-Mac and Cup o’noodles. We will have a BBQ on Sunday for lunch for only $5 for a meal deal as well. Don’t be a grouchy pants!