Dragons of Tarkir is almost here!

I can’t even believe it!

We have a prerelease the weekend of the 21st and 22nd. We will be running a Midnight after FNM on the 20th, an 11AM single sealed on Saturday and a 5PM 2 headed Giant .

On Sunday the 22nd we will have an 11AM Single Sealed and a 5 PM 2 headed Giant.

Please keep in mind that we will have very tight space because we just consolidated a side so we recommend that you come and sign up Early.

Also, if you want to buy boxes or cases, we will be preselling boxes at $100 and cases at $580. They will be available on the 27th. Stop by if you want to pick one up!


STANDARD LOVERS!!!! Come out this weekend for Gameday and try to win the Alternate Art Ugin playmat! Only a $5 buyin! Tournaments start at 1PM on Saturday and Sunday (the 14th and 15th). Hope to see you all here!

On another Standard Related note, we are not holding Standard this Wednesday because of a schedule conflict. Come out this weekend for your Standard Fix!


Weekend Happenings! Postrelease Prerelease information!!

This Saturday we will have Legacy as normal at 1PM – $10 buyin, 100% payout in Store Credit.

This Sunday we will have our Postrelease Prerelease for Fate Reforged! $25 per entry gets you a prerelease kit with 6 packs of cards. Deck building from Noon-1PM and tournament from 1PM-5PM. We will run 4 rounds and pay out packs and prizes for 4-0 and 3-1 Records!

Please ask any questions, I hope you can make it!