Prerelease this weekend, please read!

Last minute Prerelease info! If you are coming to Prerelease at MILL GEEK COMICS, please read and share to get the word out!

First off, if you plan on coming to Prerelease, you have to be on the list. We have 6 events and 2 are FULL and 2 more have fewer than 6 spots available (out of 48 spots per event) We can’t have more than 48 people at any one event, this is a limitation of space and Prerelease kits. If you are not on the list and show up, you will probably not get in. Call the shop to get on the list – 425-415-6666, especially if you aren’t sure. Don’t trust that your friend signed you up, check yourself!

Second, parking will be tough. There are 3 businesses on the front of the building that we NEED to leave space for. The barbershop (2 spaces), Grandma’s Pizza (2 spaces), and one spot for the photographer need to be left open. They WILL TOW! John Hunter Insurance will allow us his 2 spots, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you carpool or park at the 7-11 (on the side) or in the Blue stripmall parking lot to the south. Sunday may be tough because of Bert’s and the Seahawks game. Please plan accordingly for parking and transportation.

Don’t get here 2 hours early for your event. Kits will be handed out at the event start time and you will have an hour to build. Getting here early will only make it tough for people at the previous events to leave and free up parking.

Yes, we will have the Seahawks Game on the TV.

Finally, if you don’t need it, LEAVE IT AT HOME! That means trade binders, backpacks, extra boxes of cards, etc. You will get all the cards you need to play with as well as a spindown die. We provide the lands. If you want to bring sleeves or a playmat, that’s OK, but we have those on sale as well. Make sure you have a little extra cash to grab snacks or drinks from 7-11 (Or Grandma’s Pizza!)

Thanks and have a fantastic weekend!OGW_Key_Art

Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease is almost here!

Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease Signups are open!

Mill Geek will be holding 6 prerelease events with a cap of 48 people at each event (24 teams for 2 Headed Giant). Preregistration is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as we have had full capacity events and had to turn people away before (yes, even with 48 slots!) Read to the end for a chance to win a your choice of a FREE Fatpack from BfZ or Oath!

Events are as follows:

12.01AM Saturday January 16th Sealed – $25
(This event will start just about an hour after FNM ends)

11:00AM Saturday January 16th Sealed – $25

5:00PM Saturday January 16th 2 Headed Giant – $50 per team ($25 per person)

10:00PM Saturday January 16th Sealed – $25
This is our NEW EVENT!!!

11:00AM Sunday January 17th Sealed – $25

5:00PM Sunday January 17th 2 Headed Giant – $50 per team ($25 per person)

All single person sealed events will run 4 rounds Swiss style and have the following prize payout structure:

4 Wins – 0 Losses – 0 Draws – Will receive 8 Boosters

3 Wins – 0 Losses – 1 Draw – Will receive 6 Boosters

3 Wins – 1 Loss – 0 Draws – Will receive 4 Boosters

2 Wins – 1 Loss – 1 Draw – Will receive 2 Boosters

2 Wins – 2 Losses – 0 Draws – Will receive 1 Booster

All 2 Headed Giant events will run 3 rounds and have the following payout structure (PER team NOT per person):

3 Wins – 0 Losses – 0 Draws – Will receive 10 Boosters

2 Wins – 0 Losses – 1 Draw – Will receive 8 Boosters

2 Wins – 1 Loss – 0 Draws – Will receive 6 Boosters

1 Wins – 1 Loss – 1 Draw – Will receive 4 Boosters

Preregistration is highly recommended and if you are one of the first 100 people to prepay, you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Fatpack of Battle for Zendikar OR Oath of the Gatewatch! One fatpack will be given away for Saturday events and one for Sunday! (ARV $40, winner will have to pay all taxes)

Hope to see you here! Call the shop 425-415-6666 with any questions!


Win a Battle for Zendikar Fatpack AND help Save Mill Geek Comics?

Who Wants to win a Battle for Zendikar Fatpack AND help Save Mill Geek Comics? Sign up for Prerelease events and preorder Oath of the Gatewatch products! Anyone Pre paying will be entered for a chance to win a BfZ Fatpack!

Check out these special deals! Please read the comments for a COMPLETE explanation as to why we are doing this so early! The difference could SAVE MILL GEEK COMICS!

Prerelease is January 16th and 17th – We will have 6 events!

January 16th at 12.01AM (after FNM) – Sealed – $25
January 16th at 11.00AM – Sealed $25
January 16th at 5.00PM – 2 Headed Giant – $50 for team of 2
January 16th at 10.00PM – Sealed – $25

January 17th at 11.00AM – Sealed – $25
January 17th at 5.00PM – 2 Headed Giant – $50 for team of 2

Sign up and Prepay BEFORE DECEMBER 25th and Be entered into a drawing for FREE BfZ Fatpack! One for Saturday and Sunday so you can have 2 chances to win!

Also, anyone who wants to MARATHON all 6 events will get a $25 store Credit for Sleeves, Deckboxes or other Gameday Necessities – That’s Like getting one Prerelease FREE!!!

Preorder Boxes and Cases of Oath of the Gatewatch!

Boxes – $100 – Prepay and be entered to Win a BfZ Fatpack
Cases – $600 – Prepay and get a FREE BfZ Fatpack – These are here and you can pick up today! (Limit 1 per person, first 3 cases ONLY)

Oath Fatpack Preorders will start January 1st once I get allocation numbers!


20% off Case singles all week! Free TPB ($20 or less) with any $50 comic purchase!

FREE Zombie Air Freshener with ANY purchase $5 or more!

No reasonable offer refused! We need to make $2500 in the next week! Help the shop!OGW_Key_Art

Black Friday Weekend Sales!

Black Friday Weekend Sale! ALL 3 Days!

Spend $100 and get a FREE BFZ Gift Box (ARV $25) or get a FREE Graphic Novel Comic ($25 or less) – Not valid on Booster Boxes

MTG Case Singles 20% off!!

Buy one Get one free Graphic Novels!

Buy one Get one Free Recent Backissues!

40% off Vintage Backissue Bins!

And As Always, Buy a $25 giftcard, get a $5 giftcard FREE (Giftcards redeemable after December 25th)

(Only one offer valid per purchase, Please don’t try to “break the system”)