Journey into Nyx Prerelease Info!

This is the post you have all been waiting for!

So the prerelease is simple and comes in 2 flavors. For the Single Sealed event you will get a prerelease kit, and it’s $25 and will contain everything you need. For $25 you will get 2 packs of Journey, 2 packs of theros, 1 pack of Born and one color-seeded pack that will hopefully reflect the color you pick when you pay for the prerelease (lol). You will also get a spindown die and some other small documentation. You will take the 6 packs you get, open them and build the best 40 card deck out of the cards in your pool. Then you will play a swiss tournament that will last 4 or 5 rounds depending on how many people we have and packs/prizes will be awarded at the end.

Next we have 2 Headed giant where you and a partner do the same thing. 2 kits, $40, 12 packs and build the best 2 (forty card) decks out of your pool. You will then compete against other teams for 3 or 4 rounds with prizes and packs awarded to the winners. More 2HG information (like rules and such) will be presented the day of the event, but if you read up on 2 headed Giant rules beforehand you should be fine.

We have 5 prerelease events going on, but recommend signing up early (at the shop or over the phone) as we have had events in the past that we had to turn away people because we were at shop capacity;

12.01AM Sat 4/26 –  Single Sealed $25  (Yes, this is a Midnight Event and will start right after we end FNM Draft)

We will open at 11AM Sharp on Saturday the 26th, and will have had 3-4 hours of sleep after the midnight event so please don’t line up at 9AM and expect to get in early. We are here at 11AM and everyone will have at least 30 minutes to build and sleeve their deck. Rounds will start at noon.

11.00AM Sat 4/26 –  Single Sealed $25

5.00PM Sat 4/26 –  2 Headed Giant $40 per pair

11:00AM Sun 4/27 — Single Sealed $25

5:00PM Sun 4/27 — 2 Headed Giant $40 per pair

We have a snack area with drinks, chips, noodle bowls and easy mac so bring extra cash for food. We are also right behind a 7-11 so there are more food options (though we appreciate you looking at our options first as 7-11 doesn’t pay our rent ;) )

We are also having a Barbecue on Sunday and will have grilled hotdog/hamburgers available for purchase.

Last thing, Parking is VERY TIGHT as we have just about 20 spaces and are going to have close to 200 people in and out of here throughout the weekend. You can park in back or in front of the building (We are in the back). You can park on the side area of 7-11 (They have never towed). You can park on the 7-11 Side of Bert’s. You can park just South of our location in the Blue strip mall’s parking lot (it’s pretty big. I guess my biggest help is that you should carpool if at all possible. We can’t afford to have every player drive a car here as we will never get everyone in and out in time for the next events.

Please feel free to call the shop – 425-415-6666 with any other questions or you can e-mail – We would rather answer the same question 20 times than have people show up unprepared.

Thanks again!

Head Geek

Rise of Eldrazi Draft this weekend! Journey into Nyx preorders too!

This weekend we have an INCREDIBLE opportunity to draft a set that hs been called “One of the best drafts ever” by more than one person. These boxes are impossible to come by and rather than let it sell pack by pack, we wanted to let you have the chance to draft.

Only 8 spots available. We may never be able to draft this set again! $80 for entry and there will be store credit given out as prizes to the top 4 places. Everyone will get 3 packs to open and this will run as a normal 8 person draft (Please ASK if you are unfamiliar with drafting before you sign up for this). You must play at least 2 rounds, but proxies will be acceptable for anything high dollar that is pulled (Must be checked by the judge)

Also, Journey into Nyx Preorders and Prerelease signups are under way! We will be holding 5 events on the weekend of April 26th and 27th. Watch this space or come in to the shop for more info!

Plus – Modern on Saturday evening! 5-9PM

So much to do, hope to see you here for something!


Announcements! (The less confusing – Non-April Fools version)

This Saturday April 5th, we will be celebrating International Tabletop Day! This is Wil Wheaton’s holiday where everyone plays board games. We will have free demos, a chance to play new games and prizes galore! We will also have special Guest RK Post signing autographs and doing Magic Card Type things from Noon until 5PM. The shop will stay open as late as we need (Probably until 8 or 9)

Also starting TODAY; We are accepting preorders and prepayment for Journey into Nyx boxes and Fatpacks! We are also accepting early signups for our 5 prerelease events. Stop by the shop or watch this space for more information!

Tons of Fun, No Foolin!

Come see us at Con, Also… RK POST!

LOts of exciting things coming up in the next couple weeks.


First off, This weekend (March 28-30th) Come see us at ECCC – Booth 2212 right across from the TOWER OF T-SHIRTS in the main room! You will not be able to miss us once you go over the skybridge. Walk into the main room and look a little to the right, you will see a 40 foot tall tower of T-Shirts. Also we are close to the concessions (Bonus!)


The following weekend we will be celebrating International Table top day on April 5th (Saturday) with in-store board game demos all day. As an added bonus, Magic Artist RK Post will be here from Noon-5 doing card alterations and signing autographs. Super Fly!


The weekend of April 12th get ready for a very special draft! Rise of the Eldrazi! We have 8 spots open and the draft will be $80 to enter. We will give store credit for prizes. Don’t miss this opportunity to draft an incredibly fun set!



Spring Cleaning? Let us help!

How much is more space worth? It’s Priceless!

Do you have a box of old Marvel and DC comics collecting dust in your garage? Old Magic cards? Something else interesting? Give us a call or bring them in and we will gladly make you an offer! Let us help you clean out your garage!

I am here buying 7 days a week, and if I can’t afford it, I probably know someone who can. Nobody pays more!


Born of the Gods Game Day Saturday and Sunday!

What?  Born of the Gods Gameday! Bring your standard constructed deck to compete against others to win the Champion Playmat.

When? Saturday and Sunday! The shop opens at Noon, the tournament will run from 1PM until 5/6PM

How Much? $5 buyin

This is a swiss tournament. We will play 3 rounds and then cut to top 8. We will also have the minotaur Horde Challenge deck available.

Please contact me if you have any other questions!

Buying Collections, Standard Sundays, and Holiday Hours!

First off, we will be open Normal Hours for the holiday week. I know schools and banks are closed, but we will be here for you to drop by and play some magic or other games all week!

Standard on Sunday? Yup, that’s here! Shop opens at Noon and we would like to run a Standard bracket from 1-5PM. $5 buyin, 100% prize pool will be paid out in store credit. Come practice for gameday!

Also, we are actively buying comic collections (and Magic collections too!) Our dollar bins are getting low so if you know anyone who has a comic collection in the garage or storage unit collecting dust who wants some quick cash, bring them in! We have cash and are buying this weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Gameday has Been Calenderized!

It must be official, it’s on the calender!

Born of the Gods Gameday is coming! Twice!

March 1st and 2nd, Bring your Standard constructed deck and battle against the best of the land for the coveted CHAMPION PLAYMAT! (In Other words, beat Drayven, lol) – You can also fight the Minotaur Horde Deck!

$5 buyin, prizes will be paid in promos, playmats and Store Credit.


Please call with any questions, hope to see you here!