Born of the Gods Must Know Info!

Born of the Gods Prerelease is almost here and here are some things you should know!

1. Space is limited. ESPECIALLY for the Midnight and 11AM Saturday events. If you haven’t signed up, please do. I have had to turn people away the last couple prereleases because we ran out of space. If you plan on being here this this weekend, letting me know will GREATLY increase your chance of being here 😉

2. Parking is limited. Carpool if you can (Seriously). We have 20 spaces here and the barbershop and the other people here will not want to give theirs up. Sunday is Superbowl and we are going to have people from Bert’s Bar trying to steal our spots as well. The parking in the blue strip mall south of here seems to be OK (No incidences YET) and 7-11 doesn’t seem to care, but if it impacts their customers it could become an issue. Please plan accordingly.

3. You will need to eat. I will be offering the snack pack again ($5 extra will get you $7 in snack credit) and we are having a catered lunch before the Superbowl on Sunday ($5 for pasta/chips/soda) but this will be a very long day and you will need sustenance. Plan accordingly.

Other than that, WE hope you have fun!

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