Born of the Gods Prerelease Info (AND MORE!!!)

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long between updates. We have been between webmasters and I am NOT wordpress-inclined, please bear with me (lol)

SO… Born of the Gods Prerelease. We are doing 5 different events and it is going to be busy for one of the most anticipated releases of the past year. (Check out more info on the Magic Events Page!)

Born of the Gods Preorders; We are taking preorders for boxes, cases and Fatpacks with some of the best prices you will see anywhere! $95 per box if you preorder and prepay OR $130 for a box and a fatpack with prepay. Contact me about case prices as product will be limited!

And… For those of you who are wondering, YES, we will have a TV here for the Superbowl during the Prerelease on the 2nd. I am working on getting some food catering and turning this into the Mill Geek Superbowl Party. Come play and root for the Seahawks at the same time!

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