Gameday Saturday and Sunday 8/5 and 8/6

Hey Everyone!

Hour of Devastation Gameday this weekend!

$5 to Join! We will play 3 or 4 rounds and depending on how many people show up we will cut to top 8.

Saturday August 5th starts at 6:30PM – Please arrive no later than 6:15 to register

Sunday August 6th starts at 1:00PM – Please arrive no later than 12.45 to register




Resident Evil: Vendetta

New today on 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray: Don’t miss the all-new original CG motion picture RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA, based on the highest grossing video game film franchise of all time. Experience the film critics are calling a “top-notch, jaw-dropping” action film. Get RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & Digital. From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Rated R.

Prerelease is this weekend!

July 8th and 9th! Set release July 14th!
We will have 6 prerelease events as well as a BBQ and smoker for our Famous Meal Deal!
All events are $25 per player and the meal deal is only $5 for your choice of meat (Burger, Hotdog, Brat) a side (Chips, Baked Beans, Potato Salad) and a drink (Water, Powerade or 2 cans of soda)! For only $30 TOTAL you can play prerelease and get a meal and a drink!
Stop by the shop and sign up, Spots are filling up quickly!
12:01AM Saturday July 8th (after FNM) Single Sealed!
11:00AM Saturday July 8th – Single Sealed
5:00PM Saturday July 8th– 2 Headed Giant (2 person team)
10:00PM Saturday July 8th – Single Sealed
11:00AM Sunday July 9th – Single Sealed
5:00PM Sunday July 9th – 2 Headed Giant (2 person Team)
We are also taking orders on Boxes, Cases, Bundles (the new Fatpack!) and Planeswalker decks!
As a friendly reminder, please carpool or get dropped off if you can. The shop opens at 11AM Saturday and Sunday, please don’t get here an hour early (or half an hour), it only makes getting the store ready more difficult.
Parking will be TIGHT but you can park up by the 7-11 or in the BLUE shopping center spots (just south of the store) – We need to leave 2 spots for Tricia’s Barbershop and 2 spots for Paradise Restaurant. If you are parked there, you will be asked to move.
Please remember basic hygiene, shower, deodorant will help immensely. We have Air Conditioning here, but it will be very tough to combat the smell of 50 people on a hot summer day. Please take care of your side and we will make sure that it is once and cool here! We will have cold drinks available as well as lots of snacks!
IF YOU DON’T NEED IT, LEAVE IT AT HOME! Backpacks take up an immense amount of space and you will be asked to leave it in your car. The only way we can get everyone in here is if we respect everyone’s space.
Thanks again, have a safe and happy 4th of July and we will see you here this weekend!



Open House Saturday!

SO many things this week!
Want to learn how to play MAGIC before the new prerelease? Want to teach a friend to play? Want a quick refresher before Prerelease?
Open House will be Saturday from 1-5PM – FREE to play! We will have free magic cards to give out to everyone who participates. We could love to see you here!
Prerelease is July 8th and 9th, we have signups for all 6 events open now as well as preorders for boxes bundles and more!
ALSO!!! Stop by the store for a chance to win a Blu-Ray copy of the POWER RANGERS MOVIE!!!
SABAN’S POWER RANGERS on Blu-ray and Digital HD! From Director Dean Israelite, get ready to Go Go Power Rangers with the cool new action blockbuster fans have been waiting for. Featuring exclusive new bonus features. It’s Morphin Time! SABAN’S POWER RANGERS. Rated PG-13. Now available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD.