Today we start the preorders and signups for Prerelease events! Eldritch Moon Prerelease will be July 16th and 17th and we will be running 6 events!

Each event will be $25 per person and we will have a special deal for anyone who does all 6 events! (Deal TBD but will be announced soon!).

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to sign up early as these events WILL fill up! We have a cap of 48 people per event and we hit cap on 4 of our 6 events at our last 3 prereleases!

Event #1
12:01AM Saturday July 16th (after FNM) Sealed – $25

Event #2
11:00AM Saturday July 16th – Sealed – $25

Event #3
5:00PM Saturday July 16th – 2 Headed Giant – $50 per 2 person team ($25 each)

Event #4
10:00PM Saturday July 16th – Sealed – $25

Event #5
11:00AM Sunday July 17th – Sealed – $25

Event #6
5:00PM Sunday July 17th – 2 Headed Giant – $50 per 2 person Team ($25 Each)


Preorders will be $110 per box and will GUARANTEE YOU the Thalia Buy a box promo! Buy a Box promos have generally been great and this one is fantastic! Preselling for $20 or more on eBay!!!

Fatpacks will be available at the preorder price of $40 and these things are ALWAYS HOT! We always sell our of Fatpacks!

Stop by the shop this weekend and sign up for the prereleases!

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