Kaladesh Prerelease Signups have begun!

$25 per person per event and we have 6 events for you to choose from! We have a cap of 48 people (24 teams for 2HG) for each event and these WILL FILL UP – SIGNING UP EARLY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
12:01AM Saturday Sept 24th (after FNM) Single Sealed!
11:00AM Saturday Sept 24th – Single Sealed
5:00PM Saturday Sept 24th – 2 Headed Giant (2 person team)
10:00PM Saturday Sept 24th – Single Sealed
11:00AM Sunday Sept 25th – Single Sealed
5:00PM Sunday Sept 25th – 2 Headed Giant (2 person Team)
Please call the shop or stop by to sign up!
We are also taking orders on Boxes, Cases, Bundles (the new Fatpack!) and Planeswalker decks!
Last but not Least, Commander (EDH) Tonight and we WILL BE OFFERING a CONSPIRACY 2 Draft for anyone interested! On a sad note, word coming down from Wizards is that they are only doing ONE print run of Conspiracy 2 (they kept the original Conspiracy in print for almost 24 months) so when they are gone, they are GONE! Come draft while you still can!
See you here soon!

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