Kaladesh prerelease this weekend!

This is the weekend! Kaladesh prerelease is almost here!
Again, space is filling up at our 6 events! Only $25 per person per event!
12:01AM Saturday Sept 24th (after FNM) Single Sealed!
11:00AM Saturday Sept 24th – Single Sealed
5:00PM Saturday Sept 24th – 2 Headed Giant (2 person team)
10:00PM Saturday Sept 24th – Single Sealed
11:00AM Sunday Sept 25th – Single Sealed
5:00PM Sunday Sept 25th – 2 Headed Giant (2 person Team)
Please call the shop or stop by to sign up! 425-415-6666
We are also taking orders on Boxes, Cases, Bundles (the new Fatpack!) and Planeswalker decks! Preorders are almost full!en_mtgkld_facebookcover

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