M15 is coming!

Signups and preorders for M15 are open!!!

There will be 5 prerelease events; Midnight Friday (after FNM) and 11AM Saturday will be a single person event ($25) and 5PM Saturday will be 2 headed Giant (2 players, $40 total).

Sunday we will have 2 more events and a BBQ! 11AM Sunday will be a single person event ($25) and 5PM will be 2 Headed Giant. The BBQ will be $5 and cover a hamburger/cheeseburger or 2 hot dogs, chips and a drink (anything other than an Energy Drink)

If you preorder and prepay for your m15 box, the price will be $95 cash (95+tax on a card) If you want a combo deal, it’s $130 for a box and a Fatpack ($54 off of MSRP!)

Friendly reminder that our 4th of July Draft will be a MATINEE FNM! We will start the draft at 2PM and run until 6PM. The shop will close at 6PM to allow people to celebrate Independence day. Go Blow Stuff Up!

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