Mill Geek Comics – Upcoming Schedule!

Mill Geek Comics Upcoming schedule!
Saturday April 15th 1PM – Open House!~ Come and learn to play magic or play casually with new magic players!
Saturday April 15th 6.30 PM – Low Key Standard – $5
Sunday April 16th – Easter Sunday we will be CLOSED!
Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd – Prerelease events! 6 to be exact! $25 each or $30 with the Meal Deal, BBQ food and fun! Drinks and snacks!
Friday 29th – Amonkhet release! Draft at 7PM and Boxes plus other stuff for sale!
Saturday, MAY 6th – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY from 11-7! Come grab some free comics and check out our MASSIVE SALE on Trade paperbacks! Buy one get one free!!! Lots of other deals as well!

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