Signups have been VERY light and I don’t know if people just don’t realize it or if we are just going to have a light turnout. Either way we will be here and SUPER STOKED for the new set release!

We have 5 events this weekend. All cost $25 per person ($50 for a 2 headed Giant Team)

First off we will have a Midnight prerelease AFTER the FNM. At Midnight I will hand out kits and you will have 1 hour to build the best deck you can. Then we will play 3 or 4 rounds of Swiss and I will hand out prize packs to people with the best records!

Saturday Morning at 11AM we will start handing out Kits and you will have 1 hour and we will play 4 rounds of Swiss.

Saturday evening, starting at 5PM we will have our 2 Headed Giant tournament. You and a partner combine your 2 kits and build the best 2 decks you can. We then play 3 rounds of swiss and hand out packs to the best records.

On SUNDAY We have Single sealed at 11AM and 2 headed Giant at 5pm.

Please ask any questions you have, I hope to see you all here!

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