Prerelease pointers! or… These friends want you to have a great prerelease!

Hey Everyone, these are the last minute things that will make everyone have a good prerelease!

1. Carpooling is your friend.

We have limited parking spaces here and while we have never had a problem with the adjacent lots towing, we would rather be safe than sorry. We need to leave spots for Tricia’s Barbershop and our spots fill up quickly. If you can come with a friend it will make it easier for everyone!

2. Backpacks are not your friend.

We have limited space in the shop and when we get 35-40 people who all bring their backpack it suddenly gets VERY full. Your entry fee will cover all the cards you need. We provide the land. If you want to bring sleeves and a playmat (or buy them here) that’s fine. Other than that leave EVERYTHING ELSE AT HOME OR IN YOUR CAR. This holds especially true for the midnight and 11AM Saturday events. We will be very full and need every amount of space we have.

3. Showering and SOAP and clean clothes are your friend.

It’s summer time. It’s HOT. You sweat. You smell. Everyone wants you to smell nice so they don’t mind playing next to you for hours at a time. Please be nice to everyone by showering with soap and putting on clean clothes. We all appreciate it!

4. Empty stomach makes you Grouchy pants and he is not your friend.

These events are 4-6 hours long. Please bring some extra money or a snack to make sure you eat (No, Airheads is not a meal). We will be selling the Snack pack where for $5 you can get $7 in store credit. We have easy-Mac and Cup o’noodles. We will have a BBQ on Sunday for lunch for only $5 for a meal deal as well. Don’t be a grouchy pants!



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