Prerelease this weekend!

Aether Revolt Prerelease is this weekend! January 14th and 15th!!!

$25 per person per event and we have 6 events for you to choose from! We have a cap of 48 people (24 teams for 2HG) for each event and these WILL FILL UP – SIGNING UP EARLY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
12:01AM Saturday January 14th (after FNM) Single Sealed!
11:00AM Saturday January 14th – Single Sealed
5:00PM Saturday January 14th – 2 Headed Giant (2 person team)
10:00PM Saturday January 14th – Single Sealed
11:00AM Sunday January 15th – Single Sealed
5:00PM Sunday January 15th – 2 Headed Giant (2 person Team)
Please call the shop or stop by to sign up!
We are also taking orders on Boxes, Cases, Bundles (the new Fatpack!) and Planeswalker decks!
See you here soon!

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