The Mill Geek Legacy Open Week 3: Saturday 8/14

The Mill Geek Legacy Open (MGLO) is a weekly Magic: The Gathering tournament series at Mill Geek Comics in Mill Creek, WA. The Mill Geek Legacy Open features weekly tournament payouts, as well as a championship tournament at the end of each three-month season.

Cost to Participate (entry): $10
Prizes: $9 from each entry will be pooled into a total prize pool, which will be paid out as store credit, the last $1 will go to the prize pool for the championship tournament of the season.

Season 1 began on August 2nd, 2014 and continues each Saturday thereafter starting at 1:00pm. All players are welcome at any time. You do not need to have started at the beginning of the season to enjoy tournaments, play competitively, and win.
Please either bring a deck list with you or be sure to register by 12:30pm so that our Judge has time to verify your decklist. Tournament brackets will be made at 1:00pm and then posted. If you are not in your seat when the judge calls a round starts you will receive a game loss, if you are not in your seat within 10 mins of the round starting you will receive a match loss.

Players participating in these weekly tournaments can win prizes paid in store credit, as well as earn Mill Geek Open Legacy Points. Mill Geek Open Legacy Points are used at the end of each season to improve your championship seeding, reduce the cost of the championship, as well as earn byes and other prizes.

To help people those just getting started with Legacy, this season players are allowed up to 12 proxy cards in their decks while they continue to work to put their decks together. Players who choose to use proxies must have them approved before the tournament starts. A slip of paper with the card’s information in front of a sleeved card is generally sufficient, but there must be no way of distinguishing them that could be used to gain extra information. Proxies must be marked on your decklist.


Mill Geek Comics
Russ Bright
17928 Bothell Everett Highway
Unit #C
Bothell, WA 98012

*Notes for finding the store:
The shop is off 180th St. SE in the building behind the 7-Eleven that’s across the street (just down the hill) from the Silver Dollar Casino. You won’t see a sign or a facade because the shop is tucked away on the other side of the building. There’s a one-way drive around the perimeter of the building, and you’ll see a sign once you make it back there. (provided by ESG)*

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