Upcoming Events!

I normally like to do a separate post for everything, but there is so much going on in the next 4 weeks, I figured I would rather do it all in one post. Please read everything or you may miss something important!

This weekend (May 24-25th)

Hot on the tails of the Journey into Nyx Event Deck Release (Friday, May 23rd, MSRP $20, our price $15) we will give you the best chance to USE your Event deck… GAMEDAY! May 24th and 25th we will hold a Standard Constructed tournament where first prize is an amazing playmat with Xenagos. It’s Incredible aWP_001428nd must be seen to be believed!

$5 buyin and store credit as well as Foil promo cards will be given out to the top 8, everyone who participates will get a full art promo cart.

Stop by the event for a chance to BATTLE A GOD! The challenge deck is back and better than ever!  This time, you can fight Xenagos for the final piece and your chance to be Immortalized forever! More details in store!

May 30th – Modern Event Deck!

This is the deck we have all been waiting for and it’s finally here! The new Event Deck is a black/White tokens deck and boasts a decklist with Elspeth, a Sword, Path to Exile, Inquisition of Kozilek and more! The whole list added up just over $200 TCG Mid price when it was released so this is a HUGE bang for your buck! I have 9 more available at MSRP ($75) for anyone who prepays. When the decks arrive, The price may adjust upwards. Lock in your price while you still can with a prepayment!


By now you may have heard about Magic’s Summer Set CONSPIRACY. (ssh!) This set looks to be a ton of fun with a lot of great cards. Our allocation is tight so I have VERY FEW BOXES available for preorder. In order to make sure everyone gets a chance to draft and play, we will be holding a conspiracy draft EVERY WEEKEND DAY from June 7th-29th. Every Saturday+Sunday will have an 8 person conspiracy draft, and some days we will have 2 drafts. Signups will happen as we get closer and more information will be available soon.

We have 9 boxes available for preorder, they will be $125 or $115 with a prepay. There will be a limit of ONE BOX per customer. As we are able to order more I may have more boxes available, but I want to make sure we don’t oversell for what is going to be one of the more popular sets in recent history.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you at the shop soon!

Head Geek


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