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As most of you in the Comic Community are aware, DC is no longer available to order from Diamond like all the other titles and you are going to have a hard time previewing the upcoming books on PreviewsWorld. So, we developed the easiest, smoothest way for you to preview and order DC Comics! If you are part of our Patreon, you can log onto our DCPullBox site and select all the books you would like to add to your PullBox. You can always log into your account and check what you have added, you can add multiple copies, you can check out all the new books coming out months before they hit the stand, and you can manage your Pull List if you need to make any changes. You can also, weather you are a Patron PullBox Member or not, Check out the DC Connect PDFs of the upcoming books by clicking the covers below.

Here are some helpful links

Patreon PullBox Members

Patreon PullBox Sign Up- Click Here

DC PullBox Log In- Click Here

PreviewsWorld PullBox (Everything but DC)- Click Here

Comments and Questions- Click Here

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