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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes and updates!

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Oh My, so many things!

First off, for Magic peeps! Modern Horizons preorders – $200 if you prepay, $220 on release – we are running events release weekend. more info to follow!

Commander players, we will be closing at 10PM on Thursdays for the forseeable future, sorry for the inconvenience.

Draft will still take place at 7PM on Friday, but we will not be running a second draft.

Comic book fans! We will NOW do a MONTHLY BLOWOUT of our 50 cent bins! Once a month we invite everyone for our STUFF A BOX specials! We will have over 100 longboxes ready on JUNE 2nd from NOON to 5pm! More info to come!


ROLEPLAYING FANS!!! We are going to start running small d&d events! Starting wednesday (date TBA, but SOON) we will have a D&D “drop in for beginners” day. Then starting Saturday June 8th and 22nd we will have special DM Michael Vajda running drop in adventures! More info to come! Small fee to participate and will come with a drink and a snack!


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1 Comment

Marc Douglas
Marc Douglas
Jun 28, 2019

I want to geek responsibly. But, sometimes it's just too hard. Thank you Mill Geek for the geekly guidance I need.

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