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Oh My, so many things!

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Hey everyone! FREE COMIC BOOK DAY IS ALMOST HERE! We will have a TON of cool things here all weekend! Make sure to stop by!

From noon until 2 we will have the Seattle X-Force cosplay team! Deadpool, Cable and Domino will be making an appearance as well as some other special guests! They’re in talks with a professional photographer who will be there to help take photos and will absolutely pose with any of the kids!

We will have a local scout troop collecting food donations for Northwest harvest, so bring some food for a donation!

Finally! Also our plan is to have 100 long boxes of 50 Cent comics and have specials on those as well! Kids will have tons of fun picking through boxes of comics looking for new stuff to read! Great for summer reading! We will have a special deal… STUFF A BOX! ONLY $60 for a short and $100 for a longbox ALL YOUR CHOICE from the 50 cent bins! TONS of great titles and superheros!

Hope to see you here!

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