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We use Patreon as our Pull List sign up.  Your monthly pledge will get you ACCESS to our ONLINE pullbox ordering service, PRIORITY shipping on your Subscription box, 10% off cover price with FREE bags and boards for all new titles! Also, your pledge will entitle you to EXCLUSIVE Content about up and coming books as well!
Our Patreon is the way to help support MILL GEEK COMICS from across the country! Whether you need a new Local comic shop, or you just want to help support us, we will give you the best possible service anywhere you live!

Russ Bright, Comic Sensei and Head Geek of Mill Geek Comics, bringing you an idea a long time in the making!

Some of you know me from the Bags and Boards podcast and youtube channel with my friend ComicTom!

While I love making videos with Tom, Ryan, Jeff and the rest of the crew, we know that your time is limited! One of the biggest requests we get is,  "WHAT CURRENT BOOKS SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR?!?"

Well... Here we go.

This will be the chance for me to do a little bit of a teaser of things to come in the current comic book scene. This will go along with the current previews (and sometimes a little advance notice!) as comics you SHOULD BE picking up.

Whether it's a great story be an AMAZING Writer or if this is the HOT COVER to pick up, I hope to help each and every one of you to figure out what is up and coming, what's hot, and what you don't want to miss!!



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